BIO392 @ UZH


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Learning Goals

This page list the “core learning goals” in preparation for the exam at the end of the course. These my not cover 100% of possible questions, but rather be considered representative.

General questions about the topic of the course

You should be able to demonstrate an understanding of the relationships between inherited and acquired genome variants and their possible implications for understanding phenotypic human variation. What are problems encountered there, and why do we think we need many more genomes, to be available for comparative analyses? Also, examples of data types beyond genome data relevant for understanding genomic variation should be provided. You should know some disease examples for which a genomic contribution could be described.

Some factlets:

General computing & science questions

There can be some non-technical questions on e.g. best software practices (OpenSource vs. “black box” software, choice of operating system…). Here, it may be more about justifying an opinion vs. providing a “true answer”.


Some familiarity with selected genome & molecular knowledge resources, their primary goals and example use cases is expected.

File types in genomics and their use

You should be able to list at least 2-3 core features (main use cases, type, core strength, core weakness).

Protein representation of variants


Genomic privacy